2nd-hand machines

2nd-hand machines – WE HAVE FOR SALE

At KAI ERICHSEN A/S we also deal in 2nd-hand machines.

Often when a new product is to be introduced on the market, it is too expensive to buy new equipment.

So to give good initiative a good start, we are pleased to helping find suitable 2nd-hand equipment.

We continuously up-date our second hand list and are constantly looking for used machines for sale for our customers.

If it’s not on the list – call us.

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2nd-hand machines – WE ARE LOOKING FOR


Machines & equipment we have inquiries for from clients:




Coating pans: 300-500kg

Coating pans: 60-100kg

00-2 Batch roasting machine:
250kg, for nut roasting
00-3 Coating pans – all sizes of interest
00-4 IM.70 kneader




Double cone mixer. 1200

– 1500 Ltr.

Double Z-mixer, approx. 100KG, heat jacketed

00-6 Munters dehumidifier (on electricity) MX Plus, MX 1500S




Cooling tunnel w/PU belt. 1050 mm wide, 15m cooling.

Cooling tunnel 400mm wide, 4 m long


Cooling tunnel for 150KG hard candy / hour



Small/medium size rotary tablet presses

* 25-30 punches

* 15 punches

00-9 420mm chocolate enrober. Pref. Sollich
00-10 Chocolate temper 160kg/h. Pref. Sollich
00-11 Small forming machine for making marcipan circles Ø35 (for bakery)
00-12 Winnower for cocoa bean scalding
00-13 Pressmaster



Chocolate tanks from 300kg and up

Chocolate tank, 200kg and pref. mobile


Bagging line small bags (50-500g bags)

– vertical bagging machine (stand-up bags with resealing strip)

– multihead weigher

– palletiser









Bulk packaging line

– feeding hopper

– bagging machine for big bags (3-4kg product)

– multihead weigher

– palletiser


Stick-pack for filling 150ml food-oil. Low capacity.


Chocolate tanks and pumps

– 5-15 ton tansk (2 pcs) with stirrer (stainless steel)

– 2 ton holding tanks (-)

00-18 Chocolate depositor, 300-400mm, pref. with vibration table